How to get pregnant


If you are having trouble getting pregnant have you every wondered really how to conceive a baby? This question receives different responses from different people. The decision to start a family is more than romance and emotion. It’s common to feel anguish, frustration and pain in couples that can’t get pregnant.  However, there are ways for improving the chances of becoming pregnant through natural fertility enhancement.

Many newly married couples delay having a child right away.

It takes time for the couple to really get to know one another. Soon, however, the desire to start a family becomes a driving force, which is a natural instinct for most women. Most wives want to become a mother. It gives her a real sense of fulfillment.  Even in today’s environment and economy, where the cost of living is so high, the drive for a baby remains strong.

Women need to know how to become pregnant in a natural, healthy way. The health and welfare of both mother and child is extremely important. Therefore I strongly advise reading the following carefully.

  • Women should begin preparing for motherhood months before delivery.
  • Holistic methods are necessary for mother and child for good health.
  • The mother to be must refrain from the use of any alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs.
  • A well-balanced nourishing diet is so important for both mother and child during the pregnancy. This is because before and after delivery they are experiencing a stressful time.
  • For health maintenance adequate amounts of easily digestible vitamins, minerals and proteins should be consumed.

It is necessary to pay attention to some additional important factors.

  • One must have a thorough knowledge of one’s own body.

The time of ovulation and immediately following is the best time for a woman to conceive. Therefore, she must be aware of the time she ovulates. There are several ways to determine that time. Post Ovulation Time (the Luteal Phase) is an estimate. This period is between ovulation and the date of the beginning of the menstrual cycle, which is most generally 14 days in most women. Her period starts after the Luteal Phase, or 14 days following ovulation.

There is an alternative method to determine the time of ovulation. It is based on the Basal Body Temperature method (the BBT technique). Temperature of the vagina is taken every morning using a specially made BBT thermometer. This temperature rises significantly during ovulation and can be easily tracked. Sexual intercourse during these times makes for better chances for conception.

  • When is the benefit of sexual intercourse the greatest in causing conception?

This is important to know since the optimum scenario is when the highest quality sperm encounters the egg at the time of ovulation. Fresh sperm should be available as ovulation occurs to immediately impregnate the just released egg. In some cases where problems occur the man should not release sperm for 3 days prior to the scheduled optimum day for intercourse. This information is very important in case you wish to become pregnant.

  • What is the ideal frequency of intercourse for the highest probability of conception?

It depends on an accurate estimate of the time of ovulation and the general physical condition of the male that determines the best frequency for intercourse. Some think that the sperm count and viability of sperm drops if intercourse occurs too often. Others believe that sperm becomes ‘stale’ if it remains in the prostate because of longer periods of abstinence. As a general rule-of-thumb the couple should perform intercourse about every 2 days during the ovulation period.

A holistic approach helps gain insight into the whole body and reasons for not becoming pregnant. A holistic approach is a better way to solving conception problems. Chinese medicines and herbs as well as a healthy, nutritious diet, suitable exercise and acupuncture if indicated are recommended. There are no adverse side effects and the chances of achieving the desired results are much higher. Holistic medicine has been shown to be more effective than conventional western medicine. natural fertility enhancement is achievable!

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Indications of Infertility


Take heart; there are known solutions using a method of natural fertility enhancement

Do you wonder what the main causes of infertility are? You need to know what those indications are as soon as possible with a goal toward natural fertility enhancement to correct your problem. There are a number of factors, some of which are:

· Inordinate behavior during coitus
· Poor nutrition
· Depression
· General health condition
· Cultural and social conditions
· Endocrinology issues
· Lifestyle
· Emotional health
· Financial issues

These factors can affect both women and men. It is also important to know the difference between infertility and impotency.

When the man is fully potent, the woman may become pregnant during her menstrual period. Men have hormonal cycles too. A man’s cycle is not a fixed time period like a woman’s. It is known that although he can release sperm at will the sperm quality may go up or down and may not coincide with his hormonal cycle. Obviously a lower sperm quality will have a negative effect on male fertility and decrease his ability to cause conception. Age is a big factor in fertility as well so that logically, advanced age decreases fertility.

In women the primary indication of infertility is irregular menstrual cycles. You must be aware that irregular cycles indicate infertility and/or can also be warnings of other health issues. As an example body weight can have a great effect on a woman’s fertility. Obesity or underweight conditions can be a large factor in decreased fertility.

Of course, there are other factors that can cause infertility. If, for instance, the ovary is twisted or misshapen conception is very difficult. Also, ovarian cysts can prevent conception. Nicotine and alcohol consumption can cause infertility and must be eliminated completely.

Considering the male, who may be infertile, can be a guessing game. A man’s physical stature is no indication of potency. A skinny little man can father children while a big, strong macho man may not.

Men also go through a change-of-life called andropause. As in women this is a gradual decrease in the male hormone testosterone as men pass middle age. Some indications of this occurrence are:
· Excess abdominal fat and general weight gain
· Decreased libido
· Erectile dysfunction
· Anxiety and mental nervousness
· Lethargy
· Depression
· Too much stress
· Dry skin and wrinkles
· Hair loss
Many of these are age related symptoms.

A holistic approach:
A natural approach can correct most infertility symptoms in men and women. Holistic methods focus on the cause of the problem and then suggest an appropriate treatment. There is no downside to this approach and no side effects. Chinese medicines, herbs and acupuncture along with exercise and a balanced diet are used to treat the whole body. Holistic medicine has been proven to be more effective at enhancing fertility than other commonly accepted techniques.

This blog post is based on “Pregnancy Miracle” by author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant Lisa Olson. She is dedicated to finding the ultimate solution to failed conception and to reversing the causes of infertility through natural fertility enhancement. She will help you become pregnant quickly, naturally without drugs or surgical procedures and significantly increase your quality of life. You can learn more by visiting her website. Go there now, click here.

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Enhance Fertility Naturally


Were you aware that there is a way to natural fertility enhancement? For the most part women having problems conceiving are unaware there are natural ways to get pregnant. We all have known or heard of someone who is unable to conceive and are devastated, frustrated and heartsick in not being able to have children.

Infertility can be unbearable to endure for a couple. Frequently couples that cannot conceive began to believe they are at fault due to some physical problem. They see a doctor, which is good, however, there can be problems with that approach too.  The doctor will give you some options and often one of the first things the doctor will do is to write a prescription for a drug that may solve the infertility problem.

Many of the drugs doctors prescribe do nothing to help women conceive. Unfortunately, in some women the drugs may even make conception more difficult. Wouldn’t women want to be able to conceive with a natural fertility enhancement that was especially made to aid in conception?

The main goal is to become pregnant! Doesn’t it make more sense to use a natural method than to be fighting medications that may be making you ill or may not help your situation?

Natural fertility enhancement has been proven to help women become pregnant..  Eastern medicine including acupuncture, acupressure, and/or a special diet, which includes herbs and vitamins, has been shown to be very beneficial. These may include a happier deposition plus more energy!

It’s been proven that the cause for many infertility problems is poor nutritional care. Surprisingly, a change in your diet and assuring proper supplementation with vitamins and minerals can work wonders with enhancing your chances of conceiving.

Isn’t it time for you to take charge of your health and work to enhance your fertility naturally? Please take heart, don’t give up. Your answer might be just around the corner. Natural fertility enhancement is very possible for YOU!

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Welcome to our blog! This is all about helping women overcome the frustration and pain of not being able to conceive. We all know women who have tried for so long to become pregnant, looking for help or good information about their problem. They want solid advise to experience the joy of conceiving, birthing and raising a healthy, happy baby. Most women want to concieve naturally, without drugs or expensive clinical procedures. It’s very possible to naturally enhance fertility without drugs more easily than you can imagine!

Please join us as we set forth on this journey and feel free to add your thoughts, comments, stories and advice to make this blog a good value to all who come here.

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